Thursday, March 21, 2013


Sometimes I just don't have enough to write or say that's worth a 'blog' post. So I started up a little tumblr where I can just blog little bits of whatever. I've been using it more on a daily basis vs. this little site. So, if you're bored...just head on over.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Rend Collective Experience

Through Instagram, my attention was brought to Rend Collective. I love their heart and concept behind worship. I also loved what they said about 'being on fire':

"Jesus wants to set the church on fire so that the world can warm themselves around us and find light and safety".

Isn't that lovely? I watch a lot of those Man vs. Wild survival shows because let's face it, I'm waiting for the impending zombie apocalypse to occur and I need to be prepared. But what I've learned through those shows is the importance of fire. Fire keeps you warm, it keeps you safe, and it can keep you alive. People following Jesus tend to use the expression, "set me on fire". I took it to mean that I wanted to be passionate for the Lord. But now I'm also loving the idea that God wants us to be on fire for him so the broken and weary can come to us for refuge. They can find safety because Jesus has stoked a fire within us that draws people near.

Anyways, check out Rend Collective. So good.