Friday, December 14, 2012

Little Ones

I read a tweet after the Clackamas mall shooting that said they were afraid this 'wouldn't be the last shooting of 2012'. Here we are, just days after that shooting and I wake up to find that 26 were killed in an elementary school. 18 CHILDREN and 8 adults. Let that just sink in for a moment...

My heart is unbelievably sad right now. I pray that we aren't so calloused to such events that we hear the news and go on throughout our day. If you aren't moved to tears and if your heart isn't breaking... you should probably take a good look inside as to why that is. I cannot imagine what these little ones had to witness... their friends and teachers shot in front of them? Little ones in art classes hiding in school closets...

I wrote a post a few months ago about the shooting in Colorado. How quickly did we forget about them? How quickly will we forget about this shooting? What will it take for our country to deal with our insanely loose gun control laws? How many children will it take to be gunned down for us to wake up to our countries sick views on violence? I'm tired of people saying that it's not guns that are the issue but the people behind them. Yes, that is partially true but if those people didn't have access to guns, we'd have 20 little children alive and looking forward to Santa. There were 15 mass shootings this year alone. I was just watching a gun control debate and I'm so sick of hearing that we need more guns so these things don't happen. What a load of crap. Have we completely gone off the deep end? FIVE year olds were murdered! I'm so angry right now I could scream.

Japan has one of the strictest laws regarding guns. The only guns allowed are shotguns and rifles. It is no easy task to obtain one. Japan has the second lowest murder rate in the world. I've never felt as safe as I did when I was in Japan. In 2008 the USA had over 12,000 firearm homicides. Japan had 11 for the ENTIRE year. Less than the Colorado shooting. By the way, 11 gun related homicides was considered shocking to Japan. Their minds must explode when they hear about us.

We pride ourselves in our 'right to bear arms'. I believe we've twisted this original statement that it's virtually unrecognizable to what the original intent was. Our country is obsessed with violence. Video games actually reward you for how many head shots you make. Is this seriously where we are at in our country? Why do you need access to assault weapons? Why do we need hand guns? What is the point of them except to kill as many people as possible? And as my brother said, if your argument is about hunting, you should probably stop because you're terrible at it if you need a gun that pumps out 100 rounds. Until we wake up and make serious changes, another shooting is on its way. Praying for you Sandy Hook.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

New Name

Well, I am trying to come up with a new name for my little Etsy shop. I was so happy when I first came up with HunnyBoo. Taking my two grandmothers nicknames and combining them...well I just thought it was a done deal.

Right after I came up with it, that TERRIBLE TLC show "Here comes HoneyBooBoo" became a massive hit. People hear my store name and refer back to that show all the time. ARG! My little store name just grates on my ears because I simply cannot get that dumb "Honey Boo Boo" child out of my head.

I have a few other ideas for new names, but I'll take your suggestions!

Friday, December 7, 2012

Bye Canada

After 2 years of living in chilly Canada, it's time for this chapter to close. A few days ago I learned from our lawyer that I have to move to the US while we wait for Trevor's green card. Instead of busting out Christmas decorations, we've been hitting up McDonald's for free fry boxes to pack away our lives.

We will be heading down to Yakima for Christmas. Then, Trevor will fly back to Canada and I'll remain at home. I can go visit Trevor, but have to remain living in the states while we wait for his green card. The thought of living apart is just depressing. Oh, and don't bother asking questions about why immigration works the way it does. I don't understand it...I just follow the rules.

Trevor and I have talked about the last few years of our marriage. Immigration has made the last years feel very 'unsettled'. Not knowing how long we'd be here for, unsure of when we'd have to move, etc etc etc... it's made us feel on edge. We're looking forward to soon having a place where we know we'll be for the long haul.

With that said, I didn't think my time in Canada would come to such an abrupt end. Am I excited to be back home with my friends and family again? You have no idea! But it will be sad to leave Trevor's friends and family here. I think over the last two years I've kept my mind locked into the future that I never really was 'present'. We got a bit focused on what our lives were going to be instead of enjoying our lives right now. I'm trying to learn a valuable life lesson of living in the moment, yet envisioning the future. Haven't mastered it. Any suggestions?

I don't want you (whoever you are) to think I haven't enjoyed my time here. I have. I've met some amazing people, went back to school (something I never thought I'd finish), got my first little puppy dog, survived the cold, and learned the wonderful ups and downs of being newlyweds. This chapter was a good chapter, but it's time for a new one to start. Onwards to Yakima!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Now taking orders

It only took me like a year to finally post a few items on Etsy, but I did it. HunnyBoo is alive and kicking. By the way, I'm severely disappointed that my shop name is so closely related to that horrible TLC show. The reason I picked the name that I did was to honor my grandmothers, Grandma Honey and Grandma Boo...NOT that Honey Boo Boo child. Blech!

There are only a few items up for sale, but within the next 2 weeks be on the look out for linen aprons and more dresses. I'm particularly excited about the new bubble dresses I've been making. See those listed really soon. Anyways, here are the items I've listed, plus pictures from the day at the dog park when my parents were in town. Why? Just because it's cute.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

learning curve

Well I should have known better. I should have known that when girls from your hometown are forever stuck in their old navy jeans and target tees, they probably aren't going to be interested in a drop waist dress.Yes, I realize that some of my things don't 'show' well on the rack so maybe that was also the problem. It may have been pricing, but I know my things are fairly reasonable. Whatever the reason may be, selling women's clothing at Feather Your Nest wasn't the success I was hoping it to be.  Thankfully, the children's clothing and aprons sold so the next go round, I will just focus on that.

I do want to give a big thank you to the ladies that put together FYN. So much work, time and love goes into it, so thank you for letting me be apart of it this fall! In no way was my total lack of success because of the actually boutique! I just didn't have things that people wanted. Bummer.

At first I was saddened, but I'm trying to have a better attitude. I'm learning that trying to sell anything but a basic t-shirt to women in Yakima is kind of stupid. Yakima isn't Seattle and fashion choices are going to be quite different in a small town. It's either that or I have a terrible taste in clothing and I've been making hideous things. If that's the case, please...someone...tell me so I can stop!

I at least had to try and see if selling clothing at a home boutique would work for me. It failed in some areas and was a success in others. I'm at least glad I tried because now I can focus on selling things on Etsy. I'm learning that there is a strong learning curve in what I've been trying to do. I'm glad it's just a hobby and that I'll still love sewing even if nothing I ever make sells.

Some of you have asked when I'll post things on Etsy. Now that FYN is over I'll post things after Thanksgiving...hopefully sooner. Also, for any ladies that did attend FYN and weren't sure what the women's clothes looked like on,  I thought I'd post a few grainy, iphone photos up. Sorry they are all silly self-portraits.

 Here's the sweater dress. I was hoping these would sell! Oh well. Live and learn.
 Here is my 'running errands' dress. Just throw some tights on and be cute and casual. This is my personal version of 'jeans and t-shirt' wear.
 Sorry you can't see the full dress, but wanted to show what I like to wear with the ruffle, drop waist dresses.
Here's what I like to wear with the white ruffle dress. Polka dots and red shoes cheer me up.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Feather Your Nest

There have been a few people asking when my little etsy store will be open. I will be posting my things for sale this November.

Why so far away? Well, I am lucky enough to be selling my clothes in an event called "feather your nest" held in Yakima, November 2nd and 3rd. If you are in Yakima or nearby please go! There are many other vendors selling the cutest things from accessories to home decor. It would be a great place to buy all your Christmas gifts as well as supporting small vendors/business. It takes place twice a year and the location more information to come later.

What doesn't sell there will be immediately up online through Etsy. From that point on my store will be up and running.

I was asked by the ladies that run "feather your nest" to create some linen aprons. I came up with this today. I love it. Why shouldn't we look cute in the kitchen? Maybe some beautiful linen and ruffles will inspire myself and others to create some yummy food.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

so many dresses...

School kind of took over my life and I had to put sewing on hold for the last few months but I'm back and the things that I've been sewing have made me really happy. It's been fun drafting my own patterns and making clothes that make me happy and hopefully others.

Below are pictures of a few things I've been working on the past week. I'm also working on cream and peach silk crepe de chine blouses, 3/4 sleeve length dark navy silk dresses, a black version of this white dress in a more fitted form with cap sleeve and a few other things. 

I'm still plowing ahead with my little girl clothing as well. I think that the majority of little girls clothing these days are atrocious. Can't little girls dress like little girls anymore? I hope that moms, soon to be mom's, grandma's or aunties will like what I've made...

Thanks to everyone giving me all the encouraging words recently! I'll be putting these dresses up for sale soon.

I think the women from the '20s had it right. Drop waist flowy dresses make me feel like I'm wearing pajamas but still looking pretty. Yes, this dress is supposed to be free flowing but for those women who are way more confident than I...just size down for a form fitted look. **please ignore that tiny piece of paper and pin that I stupidly forgot to take out for this photo.

Really wish I had someone to model these clothes for me because I'm getting really sick of looking at all these awkward photos of myself (thus my head is cut off). 

 Sorry for the missing two buttons. I just realized I need to make 2 more....

Ah! Little girl dresses that aren't hot pink with a million rhinestones bedazzled all over them. 

                                                          I love making my own buttons.

Basically the idea with this dress is when little girl out grows the dress, remove the sleeves and it becomes a skirt.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

10 Years

It had to come sometime. My 10 year high school reunion. I had the pleasure of decorating for the event. Poor Trevor was forced into hanging lights, garlands and building things. Thank you Husband. It was lovely to see people I hadn't seen in years and it was lovely to see people I always see. The highlight of my night was when the night dwindled to Jessie, Laura and my dear German Kirsten. We danced the rest of the night away. Ending the night with my dearest friends is the absolute best. More photos to come.

Trevor Meet Trevor.