Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Korean Love.

When we moved to Blackfalds Trevor and I noticed that every single business was owned by Koreans. Now, if you lived in Central Alberta you'd know that it is a province full of white people, so this was big news. Being the chatty guy that my husband is, all the Koreans soon found out that there was an adopted Korean girl that didn't know how to make kimchi and they were not having that.

Well, today one of the nice Korean ladies in town came by and dropped off this! Basically I'm in Korean heaven....

Being adopted from a place with such a rich culture can be weird as I feel like I should know the culture...yet I grew up 'white'. I've always wanted to feel more connected to Korea and at the same time there is a piece of me that wants to stay far away from it. It's been really lovely to be so embraced by all the Koreans here and wanting to show me my roots and where I came from. I'm learning how to make some Korean dishes next week and maybe in the process I'll feel a little bit more healed.

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  1. This is a wonderful post, Madie! oh, its just rich in self-discovery and redemption of culture, wholeness through adoption by family and nation, and all those deep, amazing themes.. oh my I get goose bumps at the writing possibilities you have here on this blog!! Seriously, I'm a bit nuts like that. Love the photos too!