Saturday, August 25, 2012

so many dresses...

School kind of took over my life and I had to put sewing on hold for the last few months but I'm back and the things that I've been sewing have made me really happy. It's been fun drafting my own patterns and making clothes that make me happy and hopefully others.

Below are pictures of a few things I've been working on the past week. I'm also working on cream and peach silk crepe de chine blouses, 3/4 sleeve length dark navy silk dresses, a black version of this white dress in a more fitted form with cap sleeve and a few other things. 

I'm still plowing ahead with my little girl clothing as well. I think that the majority of little girls clothing these days are atrocious. Can't little girls dress like little girls anymore? I hope that moms, soon to be mom's, grandma's or aunties will like what I've made...

Thanks to everyone giving me all the encouraging words recently! I'll be putting these dresses up for sale soon.

I think the women from the '20s had it right. Drop waist flowy dresses make me feel like I'm wearing pajamas but still looking pretty. Yes, this dress is supposed to be free flowing but for those women who are way more confident than I...just size down for a form fitted look. **please ignore that tiny piece of paper and pin that I stupidly forgot to take out for this photo.

Really wish I had someone to model these clothes for me because I'm getting really sick of looking at all these awkward photos of myself (thus my head is cut off). 

 Sorry for the missing two buttons. I just realized I need to make 2 more....

Ah! Little girl dresses that aren't hot pink with a million rhinestones bedazzled all over them. 

                                                          I love making my own buttons.

Basically the idea with this dress is when little girl out grows the dress, remove the sleeves and it becomes a skirt.

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