Thursday, December 8, 2011

Everyone seems to have a blog these days and I wanted no part in it. My real goal was to start my journal again. I used to journal every single day, but those days are gone and I figured the easiest way not to forget my memories was to just blog. So here we go. My first blog...

I married a man last year that was better then my dreams. He's Canadian, handsome, funny, kind, loving and he's mine. I will refer to him on this blog as Husband. We live in Canada and my body hates the cold, but I'm adjusting. As long as I have Husband, I'll be fine anywhere. We have a kitty cat we saved from the cold Alberta winters 2 years ago. She has no ears, likes stealing pieces of ham and her name is Liz Lemon. We also have a puppy named Hermione Granger (I'm a nerd and love Harry Potter). She is nothing like her namesake, meaning she is not smart, clever or wise, but she is my baby and I love her for all her flaws. I can't think of anything else to post at the current moment so tata!


  1. I'm still a reluctant blogger, and an even more hesitant commenter.

  2. because of your statement, i will comment on every single one of your blogs.