Friday, January 6, 2012

The most magical place on earth

One of my best friends Jered popped the question to an amazing lady named Amanda and decided to get married on New Years Day. There was no way I was going to miss this wedding. Husband and I booked our tickets to LA for a week and had a BLAST. I'll have to post photos of the wedding later. I'll also post pics of the rest of the trip...which included the San Diego Zoo, Cliff's birthday etc.

This post will be all about my favorite place on earth. Disneyland. For some reason I keep having friends that work for Disney and keep letting me go for free. Pretty fantastic generous friends. Thanks to Alisha Brown, I was able to go back to Disneyland for free with Husband and another best friend Cliff. We were joined by JL and Carina later in the day. Cliff and I share a common love of Disney and it surprised us we hadn't been to Disneyland together before. It was a magical day. We arrived at 8am and didn't leave till 12am. My perfect day. I'm almost 28 and I act like a 5 year old when it comes to Disney. I don't care. It's awesome. Here are my iphone photos from the day!
                          So excited! My hubby and one of my best friends at the best place ever.
Carina and JL made the day even better. Thank you JL for your love of Dr. Spaceman. Made standing in line for rides actually fun. 

 Going to Disneyland the day after New Years is insane. SO many people. I don't really understand why parents bring their kids under the age of 6 to Disneyland and infest the place with strollers. And then keep their crying and tired babies up till midnight. Sorry for the rant.
 To have another friend share my love of pickles and sodium is nice.

Tower of Terror. Everyone had a great time, minus Husband. Look closely at his eyes. Sheer terror/fear. 

Cliff. My friend. He has mastered the art of friendship. He is one of the best people I know. Couldn't do life without him. 

The castle!

                                      World of Color water show!! It is amazing. Really. It is.


  1. But did you ride the Tower of Terror SEVEN times???

  2. I told everyone we went on it 7 times, but no one seemed to believe me.