Saturday, November 3, 2012

learning curve

Well I should have known better. I should have known that when girls from your hometown are forever stuck in their old navy jeans and target tees, they probably aren't going to be interested in a drop waist dress.Yes, I realize that some of my things don't 'show' well on the rack so maybe that was also the problem. It may have been pricing, but I know my things are fairly reasonable. Whatever the reason may be, selling women's clothing at Feather Your Nest wasn't the success I was hoping it to be.  Thankfully, the children's clothing and aprons sold so the next go round, I will just focus on that.

I do want to give a big thank you to the ladies that put together FYN. So much work, time and love goes into it, so thank you for letting me be apart of it this fall! In no way was my total lack of success because of the actually boutique! I just didn't have things that people wanted. Bummer.

At first I was saddened, but I'm trying to have a better attitude. I'm learning that trying to sell anything but a basic t-shirt to women in Yakima is kind of stupid. Yakima isn't Seattle and fashion choices are going to be quite different in a small town. It's either that or I have a terrible taste in clothing and I've been making hideous things. If that's the case, please...someone...tell me so I can stop!

I at least had to try and see if selling clothing at a home boutique would work for me. It failed in some areas and was a success in others. I'm at least glad I tried because now I can focus on selling things on Etsy. I'm learning that there is a strong learning curve in what I've been trying to do. I'm glad it's just a hobby and that I'll still love sewing even if nothing I ever make sells.

Some of you have asked when I'll post things on Etsy. Now that FYN is over I'll post things after Thanksgiving...hopefully sooner. Also, for any ladies that did attend FYN and weren't sure what the women's clothes looked like on,  I thought I'd post a few grainy, iphone photos up. Sorry they are all silly self-portraits.

 Here's the sweater dress. I was hoping these would sell! Oh well. Live and learn.
 Here is my 'running errands' dress. Just throw some tights on and be cute and casual. This is my personal version of 'jeans and t-shirt' wear.
 Sorry you can't see the full dress, but wanted to show what I like to wear with the ruffle, drop waist dresses.
Here's what I like to wear with the white ruffle dress. Polka dots and red shoes cheer me up.


  1. Hi, I saw your things at Feather Your Nest... I really really liked the dresses, but they were out of my price range at the moment.
    Hopefully after your get your Etsy store going I'll be able to buy something!

  2. Hi! I'm glad to hear someone liked the dresses :) Ya, pricing is a bit tricky and I really really tried to keep prices low and still try and make a teeny profit! But they'll all be up on Etsy in a few weeks if you're ever interested in the future!

  3. ummm hi sweater dress....i like you! when is your etsy shop getting put up?

    1. Etsy is going up right after Thanksgiving...hopefully sooner! Oh, and that sweater dress is supposed to work as maternity wear as well *wink *wink. My girlfriend is pregnant and has one and it's been working great for her!