Friday, December 7, 2012

Bye Canada

After 2 years of living in chilly Canada, it's time for this chapter to close. A few days ago I learned from our lawyer that I have to move to the US while we wait for Trevor's green card. Instead of busting out Christmas decorations, we've been hitting up McDonald's for free fry boxes to pack away our lives.

We will be heading down to Yakima for Christmas. Then, Trevor will fly back to Canada and I'll remain at home. I can go visit Trevor, but have to remain living in the states while we wait for his green card. The thought of living apart is just depressing. Oh, and don't bother asking questions about why immigration works the way it does. I don't understand it...I just follow the rules.

Trevor and I have talked about the last few years of our marriage. Immigration has made the last years feel very 'unsettled'. Not knowing how long we'd be here for, unsure of when we'd have to move, etc etc etc... it's made us feel on edge. We're looking forward to soon having a place where we know we'll be for the long haul.

With that said, I didn't think my time in Canada would come to such an abrupt end. Am I excited to be back home with my friends and family again? You have no idea! But it will be sad to leave Trevor's friends and family here. I think over the last two years I've kept my mind locked into the future that I never really was 'present'. We got a bit focused on what our lives were going to be instead of enjoying our lives right now. I'm trying to learn a valuable life lesson of living in the moment, yet envisioning the future. Haven't mastered it. Any suggestions?

I don't want you (whoever you are) to think I haven't enjoyed my time here. I have. I've met some amazing people, went back to school (something I never thought I'd finish), got my first little puppy dog, survived the cold, and learned the wonderful ups and downs of being newlyweds. This chapter was a good chapter, but it's time for a new one to start. Onwards to Yakima!

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