Monday, April 2, 2012


I was on my facebook account today and I noticed that I have a little over 600 friends. What?! The thing is, this is a relatively low number in terms of FB. I began to scroll through my list and I realized that I'm more...acquaintances to the majority of people. This isn't to say that this is bad! Having lots of people in your life is a good thing, but it did make me question the traits of actual friends. What makes up a friend?

I had a few bad years and in that time I realized a couple things. I pushed a lot of people away and many of them have stayed away (bummer). I had a lot of people I pushed away push back (thank you) and I had a couple friends I couldn't push back even if I tried because they'd always be my matter what. I only have a handful of actual loving, caring, trusting, challenging, committed, faithful and true friends in my life. A couple years ago I think that would have bothered me as I was way more insecure (I still fight this battle sometimes) but as I get older I realize that you only really need a few good friends.

Erin: One of my oldest friends and the person that I can count on to remember every birthday or milestone. Even though we've changed it's okay because my friendship with her is stronger than personal changes. She is my most thoughtful friend. She rarely thinks of herself and most of the time is thinking of others. I can attest to this because most of the time it's me just rattling off some frustrations in my life and she's there to always listen.  She was my Maid of Honor and I hope I can continue to honor her throughout my life

Cliff: I could not get through life without Cliff. The most intentional friend that I have. I really can't explain my friendship with Cliff other then it goes deeper than friendship. Every single person should have a friend like
Cliff. Everyone. I wish I could write more but like I said before, my friendship with him is deeper than any words I can write. Everyone always tells me, "I know you love Cliff so much". He is so special.

Jessica: I spent sometime in Korea before I landed back to my home in Yakima. Once I did another little girl was just being born and being adopted to the same city. I've known Jess all my life and we've gone through so many different adventures together. She is my friend I can vent to and blow off steam without feeling the judgement that I shouldn't be doing/saying certain things. She is honest and doesn't really care about what other people think and I've always longed to be like that.

Megan: My newest friend out of the bunch but really, we should've been friends since birth. We bonded over the similarities from life we had gone through. Megan is joy. I can be completely honest with her and she's the girlfriend I'd always wanted.  I always know I can count on her if I'm feeling terrible. She'll sit with me and I can tell her my hurts and she'll be there to help put me back together. After I was coming out of my 'few bad years' Megan was the one to just be my friend. Maybe it was because our friendship was new and so my mistakes weren't matched up to my previous self, or maybe that's a testament to how loving and non-judgmental Megan is as a person.

Laura: I'm so happy that during my sophomore year in high school Laura entered into my life. We'd gone to school since 6th grade, but 11th grade changed everything. I love her passion for life and for whatever she is doing. She makes me want to be a better joke haha. She isn't afraid to speak her mind and I know she's been there for a time in my life when no one else really was. She probably doesn't even remember it as it was such as small moment...but I always will.  

Sarah and Anne: My cousins. We all grew up in families with one girl and 2 brothers and because of the closeness in age to each other it became obvious that they would become more like my sisters. Husband said it was weird how close I am to my cousins because he rarely talks to his. I need them in my life and I cherish them so much.

There are many others of course that I could write about (Becky, Kimberly, Sara,Chele, Amanda, Kara, Jered, Bryan, Dave etc....) and probably will! My friends are more than just the people on this list, but these are the people that I was thinking about in this moment and I wanted to tell them 'thank you' for not just being my people I say hello to on FB but being my actual real friends.


  1. Yay! I think I got my detail for milestones from my Aunt Lee, who never failed (even to this day) to honor Valentines Day, St. Patricks Day, 4th of July, Halloween, Easter, Christmas, Baptismal Birthday, Thanksgiving (and I could go on and on) by sending my brother and I little trinkets and Hallmark cards. We always thought of her as the "crazy aunt" but that was why we love her. At least I'm not THAT bad!

  2. You are so sweet! hmm, now I have to remember this moment...I think I might know :). I love that no matter how far apart we are or how long we go between talking that it still feels so comfortable once we're together again.