Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Baby shower redux

One of my oldest friends is having a baby this March! This is the season for it I guess. Is it me or does anyone else still feel like their 15 a lot of the time? It's so strange for me to realize that, oh ya, we're old enough to raise children of our own, start a family and begin that next phase. Eek.

Megan, myself and Alishia (and with the help of Husband!) threw Jessica a baby shower a few days after Christmas. We were going for a winter woodland themed shower, but after looking at the decorations, I think we just tried to make everything look cute. Here are the photos!
We had fun making all the food. I attempted 'pie pops'. Because we were running out of prep time, Husband stepped in and made the caramel apples. Thanks love! 

Hot Chocolate Bar. Nom nom nom.

So we knew that Jessie didn't want those terrible baby shower games people play, so I thought we could make some iron on onesis. I cut out cute shapes and people simply peeled and ironed. She was left with 10 onesies with varying sizes for baby.I was also happy with my re-use of all those mason jars I had for my wedding. Threw some doilies and bakers twine on with cute paper straws and voila! 

Hooray! Iron on worked! 
This is Sadie. Megan's beloved beagle Sadie. They have a special bond.....

Hi Jordan! Megan's brother came by not knowing a shower was taking place. We forced him to stay and take a picture.



 This photo is a bit of an inside joke. It's kinda hard to see, but Jess is holding baby mittens made by our dear friend Sara. Back in High School Sara really wanted to sew us mittens for Christmas. Instead of using a pattern so told us to place our hands on a piece of paper and trace around it. The result was hilarious. Jess ended up with two right handed mittens, I ended up with some weird shaped thumbs etc. It was funny but it was so sweet and so kind. We remember that memory fondly, so it made me laugh when Jess pulled out baby hand made mittens by Sara. Funnier if you were there??? ha

Baby showers are fun to plan and I actually do have more photos of the cute gift bags we gave guests so I'll have to remind myself to post those. I love my friends and I love that I get to go through life with them...be it breakups, boyfriends, weddings, marriage or babies. Congrats soon to be mommy Jessica. You're going to be amazing.

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