Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Husband had to head back to Canada today. Due to immigration issues, our first year of marriage has been fairly hard on us. To keep it simple and not to bore you, we've had to be apart from each other (myself in Yakima, Husband in Alberta) for a lot of our first year together. Immigration, when done legally takes lots of money, time, patience and for me... loneliness. When I am in Canada, I'm on a visitor's visa which means I can't work. When I have to come down to the states it's usually for an undetermined amount of time so working is still out of the question. It's a bit hard to come back as a married woman to her parents house at almost 28 and not working...just kinda sitting around. Luckily, we are on the last leg of my immigration. Just waiting for my passport to be stamped with a special visa stating I'm a permanent resident of Canada! I wish that was that, but since our main goal is to live in Yakima, we have to work on Husband's green card. Blarg. We just threw down another $1500 (the initial fee) and are starting the annoying process of paperwork and trying to convince another government that Husband and I are in love and are a real couple. I realize this is a really boring post, but as this blog is about our lives and as this is the main thing going on I kinda thought I should share. I'm learning about patience and about God being in control, even though I'm getting fairly annoyed with the process. I'm learning to appreciate my Husband more and more. When we're apart I see that I'm a much better person WITH him than without. He brings out the best in me. I dropped him off at the airport at 5AM today. It's been almost 12 hours and I feel so lonely. I miss my best friend. I don't know when I'll see him next. Maybe tomorrow or maybe 2 months. Sigh.


  1. How frustrating!! It is not boring, actually it is eye opening. Talk about jumping through hoops :0) I agree though, it makes you really fall back on God and His plan. I feel your pain though.... Keith makes me a better me. Hang in there! Lonliness stinks though! I'll be praying for you :0)

  2. aww i'm so sorry- that is such a bummer. At least you're making progress on getting the permanent residency!I hate it when Tim travels, so I know how you feel to some degree. Keep blogging :)