Monday, January 16, 2012

a zoo and a wedding.

This is a two part blog. First half is our trip to the zoo and the second half is all about one of the best weddings I've been too.

Trevor and I have an addiction to the Zoo. We really love animals. I'd say we love them more than the average person. Not to get all weird and spiritual on you, but animals are such a wonderful reflection of the creativity of God. I might not be working for Peta, throwing red paint at your fur coat, but I believe we are to love, care and respect animals. Ps...if you are a recreational hunter, we probably won't be friends. Gross.

Anyways! Trevor and I had one of our first dates at the Calgary Zoo. We have since gone to the Seattle and Vancouver Zoos together. When we found out we'd be going to Southern California we thought it would be a perfect time to go to the mecca of all Zoos. The San Diego Zoo. They do some amazing work on the conservation of wildlife. We spent the entire day looking at every exhibit and every animal. We were also joined by my good friend from my Kona days, Dave. Dave and Trevor enjoyed the fact that you can buy/drink beer in the zoo. Boys. Here are some animal pics. Hooray!

I LOVED this guy. Deep in thought
 I loved his feet too.

 Santa just happened to be at the zoo and he looks angry. Maybe it's because it was 5 days past Christmas and he still had to dress up like 'Santa'. Just a guess.

                                                    Thank you Dave for hanging out with us.

                                               Husband. So happy to be at his favorite place.

Hippos. My FAVORITE animal in the world. Minus my kitty and puppy that is. 

Wedding time. So I was stupid and didn't get to take lots of photos at Jered and Amanda's wedding. Blarg. I just didn't want to miss anything. I took a few photos. Some on my camera and some on my good old iphone. Their wedding was wonderful to be apart of. Creative, beautiful, simple, fun, and full of LOVE. Lots of happy tears on this day. I can't say enough wonderful things about this couple.

Here is an example of how great Jered is. He let us in on a secret he wanted to be revealed during the reception. He asked a bunch of his musician friends (some artists that you'd  know and some you wouldn't) to write a song about Amanda, Jered and marriage. My favorite person to contribute was Tom Wilson. You'd know him as Biff from Back to the Future. Yep. Biff wrote a love song and it is awesome. Jered also wrote a song which was perfect. He presented his surprised Bride and guests with the CD and we all got to take a copy home. Nicely done Jered. Nicely done.

 LOVED their programs. Their invites had more of the same graphic print of them.

I didn't get many photos of Amanda walking down the aisle, but I got this one thanks to my tall   Husband. I                                                 just died at how beautiful she looks here.
O iphone. You did your best... Jered looking handsome. Um, can you tell that's his dad? They look like carbon copies of each other.
One of the best moments. The wedding party gathered around the couple and sang along to "In Christ Alone" (I posted the version they played below). They did this instead of a traditional prayer and I loved it.

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