Monday, January 16, 2012

feeling homeless

Wow. Two posts in one night. Obviously there are things on my mind and I'm finding this blog to be a good outlet.

So, renting. It is not my cup of tea. I can't wait to have a home of our own. I realize there will be challenges with home ownership, but at least you get the comfort of being able to LIVE in your home. We have been blessed with our current apartment but our landlords are having another baby and want the extra space so that means we gots to go. Sigh. We spent so much time making that places 'ours' and since we aren't planning to live in Canada for much longer we will have to continue to rent.

Trevor's grandparents go to the states for the winter and we were able to house sit for them last year. We are hopeful that we will be able to do so again next winter. That said, who is going to rent to us for such a weird amount of time? We live in such a tiny area that apartment buildings aren't anywhere and homes rarely are for rent. Trying to find a place in our desired budget that take pets isn't easy either.

God has never once left me homeless and I know this shouldn't be a big deal. I think it's the desire to feel at 'home' that I crave. I don't want to unload and move again! With that said, we are willing to live anywhere and it doesn't matter how old, small, weird, or gross it is. I have my family and I will learn to be content with whatever we find.

We found a little apartment above a store front. Have you ever seen the movie Julie and Julia? Remember Julie and her hubby's apartment over the pizza shop? That's kind of like this apartment. It's over a sandwich shop! It's pretty charming and I think it could be pretty awesome to live over a store in the middle of downtown for a few months right??

I've been in love with apartment and I love their teeny tiny home contests. I've actually never been one that's liked a lot of space or needed a big home. The apartment that I saw for rent has the same layout as this amazingly cute tiny apartment:

Would it be a HUGE downsize? Yep! But it's temporary and we get to save a lot of money! I'm not trying to get my hopes up because I don't even know if it's still for rent. They 'consider' pets but I think they'd prefer none at all. I also don't know if they'd do a short lease. The property manager is also listing another little home for rent too so lets hope for some choices!

I always get anxious that God isn't going to come through...even for silly things like renting a home. I don't know why I get so fearful of not knowing the future. He has always provided. He has saved me from the worst of times and yet I still doubt. A father would not give his son a stone when the son asks for bread. I have a terrible time viewing God as a GOOD and loving father. In this weird time when we don't know where we will live, I'm going to choose to believe God knows EXACTLY what He is doing. We could use your prayers though in either hopefully getting the rental I was talking about or something better!

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